Janata Unnayan Sangstha

Nature of the Organization:

Janata Unnayan Sangastha is a non-political, non-profitable, non-government organization, working for environmental conservation, disability, human rights, good governance, gender equity and economic empowerment with especial emphasis on women.

About us

Section -1

Short titles / headings

These rules must be deemed as service rulebooksfor the employees of Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.



Under this rules, if any content or context does not change until the service rulebooks will be same or unchangeable that are bellows;

  1. Rules comprehensible for the emplyee’s service rulebooks of Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.
  2. Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. acting as a Non-Government Organization. Short form of this organization will be JMCSltd.
  3. Authority means executive body of Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd.
  4. Employees/Staffs means who will be employed in this organization. Or salaried officers or employees whose will permanent or temporary basis recruited or appointed for this organization by the Executive Body/Council shall be appointed to whom this organization means to them.
  5. Officers means who will permanent or temporary basis appointed or recruited in this organization based on their job examine performances.
  6. Duties and responsibilities means;
  7. Carry out the job responsibilities based on permanent or temporary basis which are competencies for those position.
  8. Appointment
  9. A permanent or temporary basis to work in the organization
  10. Appointment letter must be submitted in joining date.
  11. Without Govt. holiday which leave will not approved by the authority that leave must be non payable.
  12. In accordance with the authority when receive the training, those tour time treated as working day.
  13. Total or Net Salaries means;
  14. Salary
  15. Personal Assurance / Salary
  16. Special Payment / Remuneration
  17. Other allowances which have been described in section 16 of this rules.
  18. To work instead of other who is responsible for those work by means of obtaining financial advantage including duties and responsibilities for accountable person.
  19. Salary means,an employee who act in a permanent way instead of another to provide him special salary or remuneration in order to comply with payment by the Executive Council / Parishad.
  20. In a permanent or temporary employee pay his salary at the time of reset, or for any other reason than his last salary or other remuneration paid to him for the work, which will be affected by the loss of salary decrease in attached it includes a salary.
  21. 11.Special Payment / Remunerationmeans, when given him the additional responsibility then he must be having regard to the additional remuneration.
    1. A) In charge of the additional special emergency duties which is keeping on him/herthan the regular duties / works.
    2. B) Doing the additional duties than the assigned.
    3. Employment/Service means, to enjoy the govt. or organizational holidays which is decleared by the authority but without approval of the authoritynobody can’t get any kinds of leave within the working days.

    “Jibikabhata” means under the rulebooks of the temporarily dismissed employees at the monthly paid allwances.

    1. “Office” means the recognize branch offices and or head office of Janata Multipurpose C0-0perative Society Ltd.

Section- 3

Application and Effectiveness of service rulebooks.

1. Effectiveness and implementation of these service rulebooks shouldbe determined/tenacious by the Executive Body / Parisad / Council. These rules should be applicable to the all employees of this organization.

2.  The provision of the service rulebooks, staff salaries and other allowancesdependent on sufficient financial capacity of Janata Multipurpose Co-operative Society Ltd. Deducted or Shortfall from the organizational net capital, staff’s salary and other allowances should not be granted.

About Us

Address with Contact:

Janata Unnayan Sangstha




Contact: 047164130

E-mail: jus.sat.2015@gmail.com


Contact Person:

Uttam Kumar Ghosh

Executive Director

Janata Unnayan Sangstha




Contact: 047164130

E-mail: jus.sat.2015@gmail.com


Level: National Non-Governmental Organization


Strengthening capacity of the resource poor peoples (rural & urban) and empowered establishing self-managed institution for using locally available environment friendly agro-based resources to improve livelihood.


A society with gender, class and caste equality

Clients We Worked With

Why Choose Us?

In the context of severe social and economic discrimination prevailing in the Southwestern part of the country, Janata Unnayan means (development of the people) started its campaign to uphold the rights of the poor and underprivileged. As a local NGO, Janata Unnayan Sangastha established in 2010 at Satkhira District of Bangladesh. In the year 2015, it was registered by the Department of Social Welfare. This organization has evolved by assisting the disadvantaged and abused people on their struggle for human rights and justice while ensuring their effective participation in various spheres of development.


It focused on disable people, landless especially women, outcastes, untouchables and religio-ethnic minorities who are victims of socio-economic dislocation, hierarchic caste system and the male-dominated society. Janata Unnayan Sangstha aimed at capacitating these individuals using tools like group formation needed to deal with their political, social, environmental, health, economic and cultural predicaments promote self-reliance and making them as effective change agents for their own development.

In every year tidal surge, devastating flood occurred in the south west region of Bangladesh where huge damage to the people. Crop filed, homestead, school, college, market everything was submerged under water. Near about half million people fall into distressed condition. In that situation we extended our cordial support to the distressed people and carried out massive relief and rehabilitation activities. After the relief and rehabilitation activities Janata Unnayan Sangstha come to know about the socio-economic crisis of the society and decided to work for sustainable development of the society. Health, nutrition, primary education, water and sanitation, environmental conservation, income generating activities, savings, gender equalities etc. are the main development issues of those groups. Janata Unnayan Sangstha playing a vital role of a facilitator and they are providing training, credit support and issue based social awareness. As a local organization Janata Unnayan Sangstha prepare its development plan for addressing the local issue. Local people also consider it as their own organization.


  • Promote primary health and alternative health services
  • Remove the barriers of social inequalities and discrimination
  • Eradicate poverty by creating enabling environment for opportunities, quality livelihood and leadership
  • Promote environmental protection and sustainable management
  • Provide education to the underprivileged and ultra poor
  • Ensure people’s participation and good governance
  • Promote human rights and social justice
  • Promote eco-sensitive and sustainable agriculture
  • To enable the target population for social and economic development and empower ensuring rights peace and justice.
  • To promote literacy through education formal and informal way.
  • To promote health and nutrition education and services
  • To aware the people about adverse effect of environment and way of keeping environment good.
  • To play a strong role in policy, research and advocacy on the above issues.
Legal Status This Organization has got registration from the Department of Social Welfare where valid registration number Sat 1229/15, dated on 16-07-2015.
Department Registration Date
Department of Social Welfare Sat 1229/15 16-07-2015

Strategic Directions

  • Human rights, Advocacy and good governance.
  • Sustainable management of natural resource.
  • Development of poorest of the poor (Hard Core Poor, ethnic minority and disabled).
  • Better livelihood for the target beneficiaries.
  • Develop Janata Unnayan Sangstha as an effective development institution to serve the people.
  • Gender, Equity, Environment and Sustainability as cross cutting issues.

Have a Project on mind?

Development Approaches - Right based approach - Empowering approach - Networking and partnership approach - Conflict sensitive approach - Farming system approach - Sustainable development approach Cross Cutting Issues  Gender and Equity  Sustainability  Empowerment

Networking / Mobilization of Social Capital

Janata Unnayan Sangstha has networking with different development organization for emergency support and staff development. To strengthen development activities, collaboration among the development partners, sharing information and quick action during natural calamities, keeping unity for sustainable development are the prime view of networking. Janata Unnayan Sangstha is maintaining a strong network among different NGOs, GOs, CBOs, donors and other development partners. In southwestern part of the country Janata Unnayan Sangstha has good relation with other development partners. Janata Unnayan Sangstha itself is the members of different network and association of NGOs. On different development issues these organization stand on the common platform and jointly carry on movement especially in case of rights based movement such as land rights, women rights, water rights, environmental programs etc.

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